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People who know what the arrow inside the red circle, pictured above, tells them about a car, and people who don’t.

If you’re in the first group, you can’t imagine NOT knowing this piece of information. You may remember when or how you learned it, but ever since, you think it’s so obvious, everyone should know it.

If you’re in the second group, congratulations, you’re about to join the first group. You’ll remember this as the day you learned what it means.


In 1986, Jim Moylan was driving a company car back to work. It was raining as he pulled…

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

In 1999, I spent $20 to change my life.

I made my first online purchase.

It was an info-product.

It wasn’t some motivational, self-help eBook or video showing me how to be a multi-level marketer.

It was a printed guide with a VHS tape describing how to get a job on a cruise ship.

I lived in Chicago at the time. I was 24 years-old working for Andersen Consulting, which later became Accenture. It was my first job out of college. I started in Houston, TX working on SAP implementations for oil and gas clients. …

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Once upon a time, there was a Miser who used to hide his gold at the foot of a tree in his garden; but every week he used to go and dig it up and gloat over his gains. A robber, who had noticed this, went and dug up the gold and decamped with it. When the Miser next came to gloat over his treasures, he found nothing but the empty hole. He tore his hair and raised such an outcry that all the neighbors came around him, and he told them how he used to come and visit his…

Photo by Jesse van Vliet on Unsplash

A Crow, half-dead with thirst, came upon a Pitcher which had once been full of water; but when the Crow put its beak into the mouth of the Pitcher he found that only very little water was left in it and that he could not reach far enough down to get at it.

He tried, and he tried, but at last, he had to give up in despair. Then a thought came to him, and he took a pebble and dropped it into the Pitcher. Then he took another pebble and dropped it into the Pitcher. Then he took another…

Image Courtesy of Jean Wimmerlin via Unsplash — https://unsplash.com/@jwimmerli

Once when a Lion was asleep a little Mouse began running up and down upon him; this soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him, and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

“Pardon, O King,” cried the little Mouse: “forgive me this time, I shall never forget it: who knows but what I may be able to do you a turn some of these days?”

The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him, that he lifted up his paw and let him go. Sometime after the Lion was…

When it comes to professional networking, are you an ant or a grasshopper?

In a field one summer’s day, a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

“Why not come and chat with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of toiling and moiling in that way?”

“I am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same.”

“Why bother about winter?” said the Grasshopper. “We have got plenty of food at present.” But the Ant went on its way and continued its…

Image Courtesy of Victoria Priessnitz

An old man on the point of death summoned his sons around him to give them some parting advice. He ordered his servants to bring in a bundle of sticks, and said to his eldest son: “Break it.” The son strained and strained, but with all his efforts was unable to break the bundle. The other sons also tried, but none of them was successful. “Untie the bundle,” said the father, “and each of you take a stick.” When they had done so, he called out to them: “Now, break,” and each stick was easily broken. …

Picture your best employee standing outside, alone.

At his feet is a white line running perpendicular to the direction he is facing. His toes are touching the line.

The side of the line where he is standing is his current reality. The other side is everything his current reality is not. The other side is relief from whatever is causing him distress on his side of the line.

It could be his boss. It could be his job. It could be the pile of unread emails in his inbox.

Something is wrong and it’s gotten so bad, he’s standing with…

“I don’t have time.”

Photo by Aron on Unsplash

This is the excuse I hear from people who I coach through career transitions.

The conversation usually goes like this:

Client: “I’m looking to make a change in my career, and I need to start looking for a new job.”

Me: “That’s great! Have you started networking?”

Client: “I know I need to, but I don’t have time.”

Me: “What does that mean?”

Client: “I have a job. I have a family. I have a lot going on. There aren’t enough hours in the day to connect with people who could help me.”

How many hours do you need in…

“It’s not personal. It’s strictly business” — Michael Corleone, The Godfather

Every one remembers this line.

This line does not apply to your development at work.

During performance reviews or another once a year conversation with your boss, you’ve talked about personal development, or career development, or an individual development plan. Whatever it was called, you and your boss talked about all the ways you could develop in your career.

The truth is, your boss, manager, leader, and organization are not responsible for your personal development.

When it comes to your personal development, it’s not business, it’s always, well, “personal.”

Greg Roche

Author of “The Fast and Easy Guide To Networking For Introverts.” Learn more at https://linktr.ee/gregsroche

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